‘Marathon of Hope’

Terry Fox Research Institute

We’ve had the privilege of shaping the media content for various fundraising campaigns with the objective to educate, inspire and mobilize change within the medical community.

In 2017/2018, we created a multi-media awareness campaign to build support from government and stakeholders for The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres.

This new powerful collaborative platform, the brainchild of Dr. Victor Ling, was designed to unite top cancer researchers across Canada, allowing them to share data, treatments and outcomes in the pursuit of curing cancer.

We helped develop and articulate the story – shaping the message and creating a digital platform that includes a website, a series of short films and videos and a range of supporting materials including public service television and social media campaigns – all to communicate the overarching story of the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres, and to help introduce and inspire the creation of the world’s most advanced Precision Medicine for Cancer Network.

With an emphasis on clear, elegant storytelling, we distilled a fundamentally complex moment in healthcare—mapping the human genome and the developments in precision medicine—into a series of short films that are arrestingly simple.

Here are two of them.



Director: Robert Turner

Director: Robert Turner

Website Design & Development

We built a website to tell the full story of the Marathon of Hope initiative: to bring to life Terry Fox’s dream of curing cancer. Using video and images, the site is immersive, sophisticated, and user-friendly.

Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres