Bobs & Lolo

Musical Entertainment for Kids!

On Your Feet:
A Musical Adventure DVD

From up in the trees to down in the seas, get on your feet with Bobs & Lolo! This musical DVD features 10 great songs and full-length videos that will get kids dancing, singing and playing along in an exciting world filled with bikes, gardens, rocket ships and more!


  • Original Content
  • Length: 30 minutes / 10 x 3 min
  • Broadcaster: Treehouse TV / Corus Entertainment

30 minutes / 10 x 3 min episodes broadcast through Treehouse TV / Corus Entertainment.

Starring Bobs&Lolo (Robyn Hardy and Lorraine Pond), two talented singer-songwriters dedicated to connecting kids to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe.

Sing, Dance, Play with Bobs & Lolo: Preschool Interstitial Series

A live-action 5-minute pre-school series that combines skits and musical performances that encourage children to participate in and explore the world around them.

Bobs&Lolo with friends Winston, Eva and Boom Boom!

Follow Bobs, Lolo & the gang as they imagine and travel into outer-space!