Water Wizards

It's Nancy Drew meets Discovery... or underwater X-files for kids..!

Water Wizards is a  ½ hour, scripted live action series aimed at kids 6-9. It follows two junior investigators tasked by the clandestine Aqua Agency, on their search for the truth behind the ‘H20-files’.

Each episode centres our young heroes and an unlikely crew of helpers and hinderers, as they attempt to uncover the unexplained phenomena, creatures, mysteries, myths, legends and malpractice – all related to the realm of water.

  • In Development
  • Length: 11/22 minute eps

Meet the Main Players:

A few episode outlines…

WHY make it?
Engaging – Educational – Enlightening — Our Mission for Content as Creators.

Our planet faces unprecedented challenges from climate change to rising sea levels, affecting ecosystems and livelihoods worldwide. The Water Wizards will shed light on these critical issues, unveiling the undeniable interconnectedness of all life and the pivotal role water plays in sustaining our planet.

In presenting material in an entertaining narrative form, we will engage young people to think about and participate in the bigger conversation about water sustainability and protection. By taking immediate action to protect water, we can mitigate the impact of water scarcity, conserve essential ecosystems, and promote a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for all living beings on Earth. Every individual, community, and nation has a role to play in this vital endeavor.

Simply put,

to protect water is to protect life.


To view the complete deck or pilot episode, contact jstanley@playgroundmedia.com